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Privacy Policy
It is very important for us to have vulva to keep Your personal information is confidential and secure, and any information about you that you provide to us is indicated when you use it Our site, such as the information you provide when registering for a user account or at Access to website transactions that may include (but are not limited to) your name Contact information, sex, date of birth and occupation; combined with "personal information"; Any reference to "us" and "us" is a reference to vulva
This Privacy Policy applies only On the information we collect through Al-Faraj website (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") Includes all content and pages on the website) and does not apply On information we may obtain from you in other ways.
Approval of the transfer of information By virtue of this document, you agree to collect the vulva for your personal information - as You have set forth in this privacy policy - and use, disclosure and retention, including But not limited to: the transfer of your personal information between vulva, third parties and affiliates And the sub-sections set forth in this Privacy Policy and any agreement relating to the right of transfer The information referred to in this paragraph includes your consent to the transfer of information Applicable Personal This may result in a different level of privacy protection Why does the vulva collect this information?
We need this information To help us improve our services to you; we also want to facilitate the configuration of our products and services To suit your specific needs
How long will this information be stored?
This information will store information in a secure and protected environment throughout the contract term This information will be helpful to us in understanding how to provide our services and respect you Your wishes. In addition, to understand how to edit or update your stored information What happens if I choose not to register?
If you choose not to register or Do not provide personal information, most of the time you will retain the ability to use the site. But You will not be able to access areas that need to be registered. Even if we did not register in Sometimes we'll collect anonymous information about how you use the website. this is The information does not personally identify you but it may help us in marketing or in Improving our services
Privacy Policy Changes
Please Keep in mind that we review this Privacy Policy periodically and may investigate it Some changes, when we make any changes, the Privacy Policy link will contain a flag "Recent review (with date)" indicating that you should review the new provisions that are considered Valid upon publication of the new policy on this page with a new effective date. These will remain The flag is placed next to the Privacy Policy link for at least ten (10) days after Make updates. Your access to the Site after any changes is your prior consent The revised Privacy Policy and any changes thereto, and if you receive notice of such modifications As mentioned above, be sure to visit this page periodically to make sure you know the latest version Of Privacy Policy